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Mikro-Gen Ltd
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Steve Malone
Chris Bourne

Pssst! Hey, kid, wanna buy a game? Not any old game you understand - this one gives you a fancy set of fins that bolt on the back of your Spectrum.That not only means a whole 16k more to splash around in - but a joystick port as well.

But what of the game? Shadow Of The Unicorn is an arcade adventure, rather in the vein of the excellent Lords Of Midnight.The goal is to rescue the lands of Oronfal and Falforn from evil.

Of course, baddies abound in the game and each character has different powers to deal with the assorted nasties.The ones that you're most likely to meet in the early stages are small hideously misshapen dwarves.These are easily zapped by the magician, but for the likes of Gail, the best strategy is to leg it.

There's a mountain more to this game - and many a player will spend happy hours wandering across the extra 16K's of peaks and deserts.