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Faster Than Light
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

The third of the Gargoyle releases this month is one of the most original and playable games that wacky company ever released. I don't remember how well this did in its original incarnation, but at £1.99 this is perhaps the only vital purchase of this month. Not buying this will deprive you of weeks of violent fun.

You're in the future, natch, and you reside in one of those desolate urban wastelands, full of people with wacky hairstyles, that crop up so often in SF films these days. Being a daredevil, you ride the Shockway, a sort of motorised pedestrian walkway high above the city streets. The walkway has three lanes, all going different speeds, and you jump from one to another avoiding stationary hazards, like hurdles, and moving hazards, like muggers. You grab ammo, which you fling at your punkish assailants, and they biff you about a bit as well. And, well, you stay alive.

"It's all utterly addictive and completely unlike anything you've played before," said Phil in April 1987 when he reviewed it. You could add"... or since" because it's still entirely unique. It's simple yet utterly enthralling - and I must say I'm pleased I now have a copy (Oi! Give it back! Ed) - curses. The clear and colourful graphics are quite impeccable, and it's all as fast as anything you'll see today. Still worth a megagame.