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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

"It is dark, you cannot see." Ah yes, I remember it well, that opening to one of my favourite adventures, Snowball. And here it is again, repackaged by Rainbird as part of the Level 9 trilogy that brings it together with its sequels, Return To Eden and The Worm In Paradise. Snowball really benefits from extra text plus new graphics that give us a glimpse into the Snowball ship itself where Kim Kimberley's adventures and misadventures began.

The graphics are a smidgen better than those added to Jewels Of Darkness, possibly even two smidgens, and are far from being the disappointment I was worried they might be. The enhanced text is what makes it all worthwhile, though, and who could resist a response to a plea for HELP that fills a screen with information about the Nightingales and hints about their movements? A comparison with the original screens shows how much adventures have come on since the original Snowball hits the fans.

If you're a text-only addict you can load up the extra-enhanced text version, and as usual the 128K-ers will get the best of both worlds. The dreaded Lenslok has been dropped in favour of a more sensible protection device borrowed from The Pawn, in which to RESTORE a game you'll be asked to find and type in a particular word from the amusing 42-page novella that accompanies the handsome package. Don't just Silicon Dream about it - buy it!