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Killer Klowns
Soren Borgquist
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jonathan Nash
Chris Bourne

We here at YS love imaginative demos. As a rule of thumb, as soon as the scrolly message starts, we move on to something else. So we were transfixed by Sir Clive's Nightmare in a rabbit-staring-down-a-lorry manner, except, of course, that was a lie. But anyway, Sir Clive is the story of an interstellar invasion by zombies (we think) which is foiled by the timely intervention of Super 128K Man (we think). The demo starts with a big pic of a Killer Klown (so Andy instantly awarded it 98%) before moving on to a frontier Western town where - oh no! - zombies start crawling out of the ground. The action then cuts to a planet not far away, where a bendy 128K blasts off and zooms across the galaxy to save the day. In between the demo stops to get in an ad for the programmers' next demo (the scamps) and there's a lot of epic-y but not quite English blurb to keep the story bubbling along.

So much for the plot. The execution is similarly slick. (Look, that was a slick plot, we're telling you.) Apart from a pair of ripped tunes (tut tut) there's no sound, but the marvy graphics really give the demo that all-important oomph. 'Oomph,' it goes. In an all-important fashion.


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It's nice to know that, as well as being the biggest-selling home computer eve in the history of the universe, the Speccy is also built to cope with the stress of interstellar travel.