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Made in Spain
Arcade: Platform
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Mikro-Gen's Sir Fred has nothing to do with running an airline but a lighthearted adventure set in medieval times. It should provide a surfeit of laughs for oven the most surly of Speccy users.

Your quest, as Sir Fred, is to rescue the damsel in distress. Although you'll get to see her you won't know in which of the seven rooms she's held - until you've completed the whole adventure. What's more, each time you start a quest, the computer will select any one of fifty-eight game patterns. This gives you plenty of game play option - and plenty of objects to seek and use in your mission. Some can be used once, some over and over again - do you really want to?

A sirtain sirprise is Sir Fred's amazing gymnastic abilities - despite - all his armour! He runs, jumps, swings on ropes and swims realistically. His in-built inertia means he gets puffed, falls over and drowns pretty realistically as well! He's a crack swordsman and brill bow man. Makes yer sick, don't it - no wonder he always gets the girl...

There's not a lot you won't have seen before, but it won't always have been so well packaged. The graphics aren't cosmic (nor medieval, mind) - like the game it's good and solid. You could well while away a few knights with Sir Fred.