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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Dee d-d-do, didie do d-didie do. If everybody had an ocean (oo-ahh), across the USA (dee de do de, diddle do). The everybody be surfin' (ooh-ah), like Californ-i-a (wa-hay). Woo woo woo (do diddle do), Surfin' USA.

Well, Skatin' USA, actually.

But anyway - not content on appearing once in Barg B (see below), Superkid goes and snatches this month's coveted top slot supergame spot! Zooming around New York on his skateboard firing his catapult at bikers and street gangs is his 'lark' here, and jolly good fun it is too. It's a flip-screen shoot-them-before-they-shoot-you affair, with you collecting enough dollars on the way to get you onto the next level. Mighty simple, but mighty effective. The graphics are cute and colourful, the skateboarding bit is especially good (there's a really nice feeling as you skate up ramps, jump over obstacles and what have you) and the gameplay is pitched at just the right side of hard. Brilliant stuff.


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Watch out for that dog poop, Superkid!