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Postern Ltd
Mike Singleton
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Postern, 16K £5.95
Author: Mike Singleton
This is pacman variant, but it is too original to lump in with the rest of the yellow gobblers. The 'maze' is a live, wriggling one. Seven different coloured snakes are trapped in their nests, surrounded by a screenful of green eggs. Your job is to eat all the eggs. Only the red snake can eat eggs, so it instantly frees itself and begins eating round the screen, freeing the other snakes as it goes. When you meet a snake head on there is a nasty little gulping sound and that's it until you press S for another game. Should you clear the screen you then get a chance to eat the snakes (tail first) as well as the eggs. I never got there; this is very difficult. The graphics are superb, quite enough to turn the stomach! Pity the control keys are so awkward, and no joystick option. Addictive and good value.