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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Snoball In Hell! What sort of a game title is that? 'The Ultimate Breakout Clone' would be better! You control the secret 'Snoball' battle tractor (wha?) and have to fire missiles and deflect them to destroy the blocks on each level. Some of the blocks hold special bonuses that do such exciting things as change the speed of the missile, kill you (you call that a bonus?) or add an extra life. A further annoyance are the aliens which fly about each screen, but these can be killed by firing missies.

Graphically Snoball In Hell is surprisingly good Each level has blocks to be bashed and a background for the missiles to fly over. The main blocks are all shadowed to make them stand out, and the ones holding bonuses all hide other little icons like rockets or skulls! This is all displayed with big sploshes of colour all over the play area. Half the time the aliens seem too cute to kill - little smileys and space ships - the rest though are a bit more evil! The are a few sound effects but unfortunately no tune.