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Creative Sparks
Martin Harris
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

I thought Snodgits was the name of Bernie Winter's dog until I discovered Creative Sparks' latest cheapie. But no, it's a maze detective game with a hint of platform. It won't stretch your brain cells too much but as a sleuth spoof on Cluedo and all those Agatha Christies (with a soupçon of Gremlins thrown in for good measure) this gamette ought to raise a giggle, if not the roof.

There are five game locations - ranging from Mystery Mansions to Whodunnit Hall (geddit!) all on different parts of the tape. Here lives the frightfully awful (or is it awfully frightful) Snodgers - Roger, Daphne and Lord and Lady Snodger, who constantly order Benton the Butler. Whilst doing his menials, the genial but apparently lobotomized, Benton (well at least we know the butler didn't do it) (or did he?) tries to solve various house mysteries like who should do bird for stealing the turkey.

You're given a map of the whole house and a bearing, so you can track yourself and the target clue, to help you in your quest. Snodgits has BIG graphics to help the hard of seeing as well as some pretty impressive 3-D effects. All in all, at Whodunnit Hall it's hard to be a bodger of Snodgers, so go for it!