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Nat Pryce
Chris Bourne

If anyone listens to the DLT show on Radio One (I don't I hasten to add), they will probably know the snooker quiz thingy. Well, Snookered is based on this quiz, only it's a much simpler version - there are four red balls and three coloureds, so not much scope for tactics.

You are asked a question and given four answers. You must choose the right answer within a time limit and gain the points value of the question and ball colour: one for a red, two for a yellow, five for a blue and seven for a black. Some of the questions are simple, some difficult and some downright confusing — "Who's life is based around the musical Evita?" Weird, huh?

I've never been able to see the fun of computer quiz games, especially when only one person can play. Trivial Pursuit is fun, 'cos you always have a great argument over each answer, but you can't argue with a computer, it just sits there and flickers.