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D&H Games
Shaun G. McClure
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Hutchinson
Chris Bourne

Boring, boring, boring. Snooker's a yawn, except of course when someone's wig falls off, or a player gets a rip in his pantaloons as he's taking a tough shot. But snooker management? Treble yawn!

If that title doesn't immediately grab you and make you shake with joy, then you're not likely to be overly enthralled by the actual gamey content. Y'see, what you've got to do is manage a player. This means arranging games, paying the player, getting him into tournaments and arranging practise sessions. No doubt you've heard it all before, but I might as well tell you about it anyway. Ho hum.

You start off with about five grand in the bank and the idea is to get rich by making sure your snooker star wins lots of games (and doesn't get a cent for his efforts). If things go horribly wrong you can always make a trip to the bank or the local loan shark. (Which amounts to pretty much the same thing if you ask me!)


When you decide that the time is right for a match you can choose to play either a club chappy or a celeb. The screen then switches to the game sequence. At this point you can choose to see either the final score or the blow by blow account. However, this is shown entirely in text and is as thrilling as reading the British Rail time table sdrawkcab.

I'm terribly sorry and everything, but Snooker Management is awful. If you do get a thrill out of number crunching games, then I'm sure you'll have hours of fun. (You're also dead weird!) More discerning sports fans (and that should mean most of you) will be better off checking out another game - there's an ultra-spiffy rugby game reviewed on page 16. Pass the tourniquet. Cyril! I think my pule has dropped below 20 again. (Phew! Dire snooker games can be harmful to your health!)

Deathly dull sleep-inducing game which is only slightly more fun than having your leg lopped off with a pair of shears.


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If you think I'm sitting through an entire match, you're mad!