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St. Bride's School
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

St Bride's has been almost as busy as Level 9, with it's adventures now released by different software houses - in this case its adaption of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy story, The Snow Queen. If you think you've seen it reviewed before then you're right, as review copies went out but the game didn't go on sale and now Mosaic has stepped in to publish it in this newly illustrated version.

The cassette cover contains an edited version of the tale, and you're advised to read the first couple of chapters while the game is loading. Then further reading of the story will give you some clues, but obviously won't tell you everything - this is explained in a rather charming way, by saying that of course other things happened that weren't written down! What did happen to start the story was that Gerda's friend Kay was spirited away by the Snow QUeen, and it's Gerda's job to rescue him - oh, and Gerda's a girl, Kay is a boy, in case you weren't too clear on the matter.

One thing you soon discover is that Gerda definitely has a mind of her own. The initial few locations inside her house include her grandmother's bedroom, where there's a wardrobe. OPEN WARDROBE, you naturally try, but Gerda says "Oh no, that wouldn't be right." Nor will she leave the house till she's done everything she feels she ought to. Hunger soon strikes, but a kind deed brings home the bacon... well, something edible, anyway.

The graphics are in keeping with the story, and it should appeal to the young audience it's aimed at - but definitely not one for the orc-bashers.