Cult Games
Shaun G. McClure
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Soccer 7 is supposed to be a televised (!) indoor seven a side tournament. Eight teams play the game in two groups, battling it out to go through to the finals. You take the job of manager of your chosen team (what a surprise). You have to decide on your captain, penalty taker, match tactics, training, method of play and all the other decisions that a manager has to make to take his or her team up to the top of the Leagues and win the Final.

Who do Cult think they're conning? Soccer 7 is lust a revamped version of International Football (or the other way around). In facts, all the soccer games on their label probably use all the same routines. There is just so much a poor reviewer can take of these football management games, and I'm almost at bursting point. Here are some of the options in Soccer 7: 1 to 8 players, player trading, goal reports, formations, edit teams, fitness and skills options.

The presentation of Soccer 7 isn't as good as international Soccer. The normal Spectrum character set has been used, but the little pictures of the strip are still in there. Soccer 7: buy it if you dare!