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Cult Games
Shaun G. McClure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

From the people who brought you Footie Director, here's a brilliant little variation. Instead of using your management skill and all that rubbish to guide you through the divisions and along the cup trail, here you answer trivia questions on football. The result - a cross between pub trivia games and the best footie sim yet seen on the Spec - is hugely enjoyable, even if it is about as slow as FD and, like other recent games from that stable, presented in a typeface that's almost impossible to read. But if you're a trivia nut, and worse still, a football nut, and even worse a football sim nut - and I'm all three - you'll lap this up for breakfast. Each of the four divisions has just eight teams, making seasons rather shorter than in old FD, and you have ratings out of 100 for goalkeeper, defence, midfield and attack. These you can bump up with training - you answer a multiple choice question, and the rating goes up if you get it right, or down if you get it wrong. You can play the game, and answer a question every time the opposition attacks your goal and every time you attack theirs. Simple, huh? And completely brilliant. Light relief at a reasonable price for FD fans everywhere.