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Cult Games
Shaun G. McClure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Cult - Spec, C64, Amstrad: £2.99

Here's a new twist in soccer management games, entirely based on quiz questions, with four cut-down divisions of eight teams each, and both FA and League cup competitions.

There's no messing around picking the team, but training can improve what's there to start with. The quiz questions all take the same form: a multiple-choice selection of four answers, one of which has to be picked before a time limit runs out. In the training rounds a correct answer improves the team's rating and a wrong one reduces it.

During matches, the questions determine whether a goal is scored or not. If the opposition are attacking and you answer correctly it's a save. If your team is attacking, a correct answer will score a goal.

A base of 2,000 questions should keep the game fresh and interesting for a while, but there is little else to draw you back after they have been exhausted.