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Code Masters Gold
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

Codemasters throw in four games in one.

Not so much a game, more a way of unloading four games in one package. Three spectacularly similar football games, along with a training section bearing more than a passing resemblance to Daley Moustache's Olympic Wossname. The four games are not multiload, and so are entirely separate in nature and on a side each of two cassettes.

Firstly, there's 11-a-Side Soccer, a conventional enough soccer simulator with the usual 90 minutes of computerised fouling, cheating and "shin injury" acting. The game responds quite well to your control, and you stand a reasonable chance against the computer. Aside from the fact it can run faster than you, it's actually reasonably easy to tackle and beat. One tricky thing is passing, since you can't see the field beyond your rather limited viewpoint, so actually laying off the ball to another player before Chopper Harris has your nuts on a tray is a trifle problematic. It does have throw-ins, corners, fouling, penalties, offside and the like, so rates as a proper simulator.

Indoor Soccer has the same player graphics and gameplay, but takes place on a pitch with walls around it, so the ball bounces, and only five players a side. Street Soccer differs in that instead of a nice neat rectangle to play in, you've got cars, trees and houses to negotiate. One thing it doesn't have is the little man who steals your ball or calls the bobbies so you have to go home.

Finally there's Soccer Skills, where you train yourself up. Basically it consists of dribbling the ball around cones, taking and saving penalties, lifting weights, and doing press-ups and sit-ups. The scope of the games is fairly limited, but the implementation is pleasant and playable, and the package represents the best value for money in a football game.

Reviewer: Phil South

C64/128, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Out Now
Spec, £8.99cs, £12.99dk, Out Now
Amstrad, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Out Now

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1 min: 0/100
1 hour: 90/100
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1 week: 90/100
1 month: 60/100
1 year: 50/100

Three solid soccer games with training prog as well represents good value for money.


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The graphics are fine and the gameplay is good. Though none of the games are on a par with Matchday II, it is good for the price.

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Street football on the Spectrum - Codemasters style.