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Programming: BASIC
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


MACHINE CODE compilers are starting to creep on to the Sinclair scene. The Softek compiler for the 48K Spectrum is called Super C. The manufacturer claims that the code compiled from Basic into machine code will run faster than many other languages, including Pascal and Forth. The program will compile approximately 90 percent of the Basic language commands.

The problem newcomers to machine code may have is how to use arrays and variables within compiled programs. The compiler cannot handle string or numeric variables or arrays.

If the user knows something about machine code the situation can be remedied by setting-up a data area in memory with all the variable values set in it.

Super C has an instruction booklet which includes tips for modifying Basic programs to run without using statements which cannot be compiled. Compiled programs can be run easily by typing RUN instead of having to worry about RAND USR.

The compiler is useful in programs which use animated graphics but, until Softek produces promised modifications, the program may prove difficult to use for some beginners. The Super C compiler costs £14.95. It is available from Softek, 329 Croxted Road, London SE24.

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