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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes

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Chris Bourne

Available on Game, Set and Match compilation
Amstrad, £12.95cs, £17.95dk
C64, £12.95cs, £17.95dk
Spectrum, £12.95cs

Now that Bazza, the Clones Cyclone, has started his comeback, it would be churlish to leave him out of this sports roundup. BMWCB is undoubtedly the best boxing simulation for micros, just beating Frank Bruno for speed, agility and ease of use.

The virtue of the game is that it's much more than a simple fist fight in the ring. First of all you have to create your own boxer, Frankenstein-style, from the attributes available; so you can make him black or white, a hard puncher or an artful dodger. Then you have to train him, building up stamina and skills, leading the right sort of life, and so on. Only then can you start to work your way up the rankings through the 19 computer opponents towards a world title shot. The fights themselves have been designed with equal attention to detail - it's not wild brawling that will see you victorious, but intelligent boxing to your victim's weak points. Overall, it's a very classy program.

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