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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Our Enery'd enjoy this one. Activision's made a noble effort at presenting the ignoble sport for the small screen in a game that puts as much emphasis on the pre-fight training as it does on the bruising bout. You play both trainer and boxer. So it's brains as well as brawn that'll decide whether you're champ or chump.

Your first task is to create your own boxer. You have the technology, but do you have the imagination? He can be endowed with all sorts of qualities - not just the obvious ones of stamina and strength but also image and attitude. You can even choose hair colour.

Through the promotor (who will appreciate your rapidly rising winnings) you can choose your opponent - either from the title contenders or the new pro-listings. The further up the listing you go the tougher your fight. Aware of his qualities, you can have up to twelve weeks in the training camp, where you have to choose how much time to spend on each part of your program - light bag, heavy bag, hand bag, weights or whatever.

Let's hope you get it right 'cos now it's the Real Mcoy. A bout can last up to twelve three minute rounds. You're able to use a good number of pugilistic punches and counters - and again you'll have to decide your best strategy - keep your guard up or go for the kill. Beware - three clean blows could mean the end of the bout.

My only minor criticism is the lack of manoeuvrability - the boxers scuttle crabwise about the ring. And where's the skipping rope in the training camp? No wonder these boys aren't so light on their feet! All in all a top-ten contender in the software boxing championships.