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Busy Software
Slavomir Labsky
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jonathan Nash
Chris Bourne

Remember Psychedelia? Well, Song in Lines 5 is a similar sort of light synthesiser doohickey. The difference this time is that SIL 5 supplies its own tunes - thirty-seven of 'em to be exact. And rather fab they are too, ranging in style from cover versions of film themes to original and spookily good compositions. Eleven of these songs are from a chap called Voodoo, but the main chunk has been written by Franxoft. (Yes, I know that's not his real nickname, but his real nickname's a bit, erm, dodgy, so I'll stick to Franxoft thankyouverymuch.) [That would be Fuxoft, named because the guy's surname was Fuka --NickH]

But back to Song in Lines 5 itself. By prodding a variety of keys you can select the type of shapes that whang around the screen, their colour, and a bunch of obscurely named but extremely natty effects. Very big, very fast filled circles with trails and reflections? Step this way. Enormously huge but dignified vector triangles that squirm about the place like neurotic worms? What luck - we've just had a fresh consignment. Eighteenth century furniture with provenances stating it was written on, slept in, or burned as a political statement by Jane Austen's Latin tutor? Don't be silly, this is a Speccy light synthesiser doohickey. Tch.

Song in Lines 5 is a great deal of fun to play around with. Yer average demo has maybe three or four effects and so has a fairly limited appeal. SIL 5 has, in a very real and foolishly exaggerated sense, billions and trillions of the blighters and can keep you going for hours just staring at the funky patterns in a vaguely hypnotised sort of way. (Hey! Wooow! Etc etc.) And, yes, the music really is that good. In fact, for sheer entertainment value, I'm going to give it an outrageously high mark.


Screenshot Text

Hey man! Mellow out! Just look at this lovely flower. Let's sit in a circle and meditate. All together - ooooooooommmmmm.

This bit is madly impressive. The dots, the balls and the wire fence move independently, and the logos spin. Aie!