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Elliot Gay
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: When you've finally managed to keep the Blagger loaded by persuading this program that you have actually entered the correct master anti-piracy code deduced from straining peepers at a miniscule key on the packaging, disappointment soon follows...

Son Of Blagger ain't just another platform game - it's a bad platform game. Less-than-witty graphics are notable only for their crudity, abetting annoyingly erratic control of the Blagger himself. As he hops, jumps and creeps around the two-dimensional scrolling screens of Spectrum Security HQ, our boy is expected to scarper out of each room with all the hidden' gold keys before exhaustion of limited air supply.

Quite what he's supposed to do with a binful of such upmarket locksmith's accoutrements. I don't know... not having hung around to find out Do yourself a favour and blagg a better game than this! 1/5 MISS

Ross: It's nice to sec a scrolling Manic Miner type game - after all, they're really popular on the CBM 64 and BBC Micro. Catching the occasional brief glimpse of an as yet unreached area can make the game that much more interesting! 2/5 MISS

Dave: I found movement on-screen a little sluggish, and play was a bit boring. However, the scrolling techniques used are clever. 2/5 MISS