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Virgin Games Ltd
Martin Wheeler
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Manning, George Price, Richard Vernon
Chris Bourne

You are the last of the great sorcerers and must travel to Stonehenge and rescue three fellow sorcerers from the evil necromancer. On your way you'll find objects that may or may not be of use. Only one of these will destroy the necromancer.

Richard: This is a really well thought-out game where you travel from screen to screen. Both graphics and colour are used well and the game responds well. HIT

George: It's not very often we see action mixed with adventure all in one game. But this is what Virgin has done, and the result is very good indeed. This is a chart-topper. HIT

Mark: This game reminds you of Imagine's Alchemist, and is very nearly as good. In fact, I couldn't stop playing it. HIT