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Trevor Whitsey
Trevor Whitsey
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Would you rather be travelling into the depths of despair to prevent the rotting corpses of long dead beings reuniting with their damned souls under the leadership of a nutterly evil Sorcerer whose soul (excuse the pun) purpose in life is to crush, kill and destroy? Or would you rather be tucked up in bed cuddling your teddy and hoping the bogey man doesn't get you?

Well, the bad news is that you are The Soul Hunter and you'll be travelling to the western marshes of a village called Elswood where you'll do bloody battle with the Sorcerer and all his fiendishly cunning traps. You've got to stop the Sorcerer reuniting bodies with souls! It's as simple as that.

Before I go any further I'd just like to tell you that the game is in two parts, has some excellent graphics, is aimed more at beginners than experienced hack 'n' slashers and was written by a guy called Trevor Whitsey using GAC which was available on a YS cover tape (No 73 to be precise) and if you want to see what great results you can get by using GAC then this game is as good an advert as you could get!

You begin your quest for glory in your room in Elswood tavern. The tavern is traditionally a place where all good adventures have their beginning, and it's no surprise that you see a room full of ale swilling adventurers, nomads, travellers and dwarves as you pass down the stairs, through the bar and out into the street and the shop. The problems are fairly simple, and the game allows for most logical inputs to be used. You'll have few problems making swift inroads into Part One, and Part Two is more of the same.

Just solve more problems, dodge traps, admire the excellent graphics and enjoy yourself, until you come face to face with The Sorcerer himself. I certainly had a great time playing The Soul Hunter and I'm sure you will too.