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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

And I quote. "The mere mention of your name makes even the most hardened desperados shake in their boots". Golly! No. not your name, silly, because let's face facts, it's highly unlikely that any tobacco-chewin' critter out in the old Wild West will have actually heard of you. Oh, unless you live there of course. Nope, the name which makes even the most hardened desperados shake in their boots drone drone etc is...'Clint Westbound . (Yes, I know - rather makes a mockery of the whole proceedings, doesn't it?)

Anyway, our Clint, the chump, has volunteered to single-handedly take-out all the bad guys who've been making the Wild West a little less 'wild' than it should be (which basically means a perfectly nice and respectable place to live really). And how pray, is he supposed to do this? By trundling along a horizontally-jerking screen (with rather shoddy graphics) on the lookout for baddies cunningly hiding behind doors and windows, and then shooting them (it's a case of can you shoot them before they shoot you?' here, readers). Objects will also find themselves hurtling toward your head (avoid), and along the ground towards your feet (pick them up for extra ammo, to blow things up etc).

And, erm, well, that's it really. A bit of a duffer. I'm afraid, because although it's playable to begin with, it gets extremely boring rather too quickly. Snooze.


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Nice flares, shame about the game.