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Quicksilva Ltd
John Hollis
Utility: Sound/Speech
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


SPEECH SYNTHESIS is becoming a well-researched area on the Spectrum and the Quicksilva digital speech package Speakeasy is a quality software device which enables a user to program a voice or music into home-made programs.

The program is loaded and a tape is made of the speech or music needed. That is then played into the Spectrum, using the load leads, while the program is in 'record' mode.

When the playback key is pressed the sounds will emerge from the Spectrum speaker or through a loudspeaker. The user may have to 'record' the sounds several times for a good-quality voice tone through the computer speaker.

When the quality is satisfactory, the sounds can be edited and specific sounds can be isolated using the start-of-sound and end-of-sound commands. The voice routines can then be put into ordinary Basic programs.

Quicksilva is at 92 Northam road, Southampton, SO2 0PB. Speakeasy costs £4.95 and L-Game £3.95.

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