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Anirog Software
Nigel E. Salt
Utility: Fonts & UDGs
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nigel Newland, Johnathan Norman, George Price
Chris Bourne

This is a utility program for the 48K Spectrum to help you design your own UDGs (user-defined graphics). It'll hold up to 200 UDGs in memory at any one time, and will also allow you to edit up to nine UDGs simultaneously.

George: It's a development of the character generator (Spectrum Horizons tape), and taken to the nth degree. Overall, a simple to use and useful utility for anyone wanting to design their own graphics. HIT

Nigel: Just the thing to help with the graphics if you're writing your own game. There are already other utilities available. MISS

Johnathan: This is a menu-driven graphics designer utility that should be a help to any programmer who's out to produce his or her own graphics simply and easily. HIT