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Mastertronic Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

There's little to surprise in this game - the name says it all. Spectipede offers the full scope of the arcade original with centipedes, spiders, fleas, scorpions, mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms. On higher levels there are two centipedes to contend with. The players may move the firing base upwards for the traditional tour squares to avoid segments of pede which make it to the bottom. Segments will also fall straight to the bottom if they pass over a poisonous mushroom. Spectipede may be played by 1 or 2 players.


'It's odd to see that the cheapest 'Centipede' type game available for the Spectrum is also the best of all those around. Graphics are excellent, true to the original arcade version, they are clear, very detailed, well animated and have excellent use of colour. The keys are well positioned and movement is responsive and fast. This is clearly a well thought out game with good demo, instructions and sound. It's worth every penny of £1.99 - a Mastertronic winner.'

'There are so many versions of the venerable creepie about that it's hard to see why anyone should want to put out anymore. However, this is the cheapest around, and it's certainly up with the best and most expensive. It has all the proper details and fast moving graphics. The scorpion even flashes different colours - not much seen on the Spectrum. As to the game itself, well when it s well done, as here, 'Centipede' games are still a good, fast and enervating shoot em up worth anyone's half hour between times.'

'A good 'Centipede' can be very addictive to play, and Mastertronics have a very good version here. The only thing is that the game is so old hat now, I wonder whether anyone's that interested any more? But if you are, then at its price, this is certainly the one to buy. For once, a low price provides a good version, but I think the price also reflects the age of the game itself.'

Control keys: CAPS/Z left/right, KIM up/down, L to fire; or cursor keys and 0 or 9 to fire
Joystick: Mikrogen, Kempston, Cursor type
Keyboard play: sensible keys and responsive
Use of colour: very good
Graphics: small, one-character size, but detailed and fast
Sound: very good, continuous
Skill levels: progressive difficulty
Lives: 3
General Rating: We suspect a re-release, but if you haven't got a 'Centipede' type game in your collection, well worth its price.


Screenshot Text

A fast 'Centipede' with good graphics from Mastertronic.