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A.J. Rushton
A.J. Rushton
Arcade: Action
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Stephen Cathrall, Stewart McPherson, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

A semi-adventure where you wander round the screen coming across various animals which all ask you to play games, or solve riddles. Really, a sort of compendium of games rolled into one.

Peter: This is a collection of bad 'magazine type' programs thrown together, with less than spectacular graphics and an average choice of colours. And because it's written in Basic, it's not particularly fast.

Stewart: There's an overall strategy theme, with varying speeds for each section - although it's never dazzlingly fast. You'll find such items as gorilla-gambling, snake-shooting and guessing games.

Stephen: This is a sort of adventure, but the player need not be too skilful at arcade games to succeed.

Not Rated