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Mastertronic Ltd
Derek Brewster
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Lean and hungry for victory? Mean and menacing zipped into skin tight leathers and helmet? Sounds like you - then you should be playing this game! 'Cos this is Speed King 2, the motor cycling simulation from Mastertronic.

The game has one or two player facility and is keyboard compatible but swoons with delight at the touch of a joystick. Push it forward for faster, ease back for those tricky bends where you must lean to left or right. With one up you start last of twenty riders which gives you plenty of opportunity to blast your way through to become leader of the pack.

Two up is real head to head stuff - just feel that adrenalin! The visors eye view on a split screen gives you a superb sense of suspense and speed. There are nine different courses ranging from Monza to Daytona, each with its own particular character.

This game's built for speed! There's none of that nasty crashing or falling off which slows everything down. Okay, so the graphics aren't pretty (all the courses seem to be in deserts), and there are no sub-screens where you can assess your race status or predict the bends of the course but this game's great fun to play. Thrills and spills without the frills!