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Players Premier
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts, Richard Eddy, Mike Dunn
Chris Bourne

It's a tough life in the ghost extermination business. It isn't all driving at high speeds through the city and crying 'Who ya gonna call?' you know! You take on the role of an exterminator in Spooked, but on this mission the ghosts are out to get their own back.

It all starts when you get a weird phone call: the bloke on the other end asks you to go to 225 Pine Road (sounds harmless enough). When you get there you find that it's smack in the middle of a site of many killings (gasp!), but not wanting to be called a chicken you go in anyway. It's a trick: the ghosts phoned you up and are now ready to exterminate you!

The game idea is to collect bugs, like beetles and figs, to swap for various spells. Use these spells to kill ghosts and get out of the house. If you run out of time a hangman board builds up, and once you have collected the right spells you have to play a game against the spooky old man.

Spooked is unbelievable fun. The programmers have done a great job with silky smooth animation, plenty of colour and sound, and excellent ghosts and backgrounds. They've even thought of the inexperienced player and included a scaredness rating which makes the game easier the more scared you get!

One moan is the viciousness of the skeletons and ghosts: It can get very annoying when they repeatedly knock you over. The hangmen game may seem simple, but here's betting you've never played it like this before! Buy Spooked today.