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Roo, Chris Edwards
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Being a peasant of limited intelligence you went and volunteered for a dangerous quest. You are Gormless Gary and must rescue the beautiful Princess Clare from the clutches of the evil ghosts. And the reward if you succeed? Her hand in marriage and a bit of rumpo.

Your journey is a dangerous one: each room is locked tight and rabid bats swoop at you every chance they get, sapping your energy. Keys have been left lying about the castle and collecting these opens the doors (really? -Ed).

There are three ways to fail: you can lose all your energy by being swooped on by the bats, contact with one of the evil ghosts means instant death and falling onto a fire won't do you much good either.

While the graphics are OK, control method and gameplay belong in the bottom of the barrel. If you survive for more than four screens you must be an expert, either that or you've found a poke for infinite energy. Each screen is laid out in such an annoying way that you won't only be cursing the ghosts for killing you but also kicking your screen in a rage.