US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

Chris Bourne

Ahhh, it's nice to see this classic game back again on a budget label. Reviewed back in the mists of time (issue 16 to be precise) this CRASH Smashed game was raved over by the resident looneys of the time. Set in a James Bond-style cloak and dagger scenario, you take control of a sophisticated mean machine in which you have to burn rubber along a road filled with terrorists, or transform to a boat (at a suitable point) and cause even more mayhem on the open waters. To destroy the enemy vehicles you can either bump them off of the road, or destroy them with a range of devastating weapons. You start with a machine gun, but at regular intervals supply lorries appear and after a swift bump up the ramp an extra weapon is added.

Although Spy Hunter is looking a little dated in the graphical department, the pulse-racing playability has remained. Many happy hours will be spent blowing up or ramming the myriad of enemy cars and speed boats, but watch out for the civilians out for a Sunday drive. Decimate any of these and you will lose points as quickly as you make them, now excuse me while I practise my Timothy Dalton voice... My name is Bond, James Bond.

Then: 89% Now: 84%