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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £14.95cs, £19.95dk
C64, £14.95cs, £17.95dk
Amstrad, £14.95cs, £19.95dk
Atari ST, £24.95dk
Amiga, £24.95dk
IBM PC, £19.95dk

Starglider is still one of the best examples of vector graphics, and one of the best shoot-em-ups you can buy. There's a fair ol' slice of strategic planning involved as you fly your AGAV around the barren wastes of Novenia in the attempt to destroy the Egron flagship (the Starglider), as you have to keep your eye on your craft's energy levels etc. A wonderful 'viewed from the cockpit' game that has as big a task as you could hope to find in a shoot-em-up.

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Starglider - Novenia, from inside your AGAV.