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Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £12.95cs
C64/128, £12.95cs, £17.95dk
Amstrad, £12.95cs, £17.95dk

This one or two player wargame is set just in the future and simulates a conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Western Europe. Sounds like another PSS game? Well yes, the scenario is the same as the other PSS great Theatre Europe, but this game differs in a multitude of ways.

Played on a map divided into hexagonals, the play alternates with each game turn being roughly divided into three. The first phase of the turn is the Supply Phase when the computer calculates the amount of supplies that your forces can receive. It takes into account whether a clear line can be drawn back to the supply points - if that line passes through enemy held territory then the supplies just wont arrive. The next phase is the optional Nuclear phase, which gives the player the chance to use nuclear warheads on a tactical or strategic level. Next comes the action phase, this can be sub-divided into three minor phases including movement, airborne movement and the attack phase. The introduction of the hexes brings a real board wargame feel to the computer, and as such it is very good. Stretches your tactical planning ability whilst remaining thoroughly playable.