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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Gareth Adams, Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

The Federation is in trouble and they need you back. Tads is under attack from the dreaded Zylons - led by Chut, the man you defeated so long ago.

Your mission is thus, to defend your home star system of Celos 1 V (the glacial planet Arcanum; the desert world of Seridus; Teris itself and it's moon Imbri), obliterate Chut's Master Force, pierce their stronghold in the star system of Procyon, and prevent replenishment of their space fleets by destroying their Attack Bases.

The Liberty Star, the latest in space fighter technology is at your disposal. A scanner shows the view from its cockpit, with a console above indicating the status of the craft and weapons systems.

Available weaponry consists of three computer-aided offensive systems. Fly fighters are destroyed by the Pulse Laser Cannon, with 100 points awarded for each. Prolonged firing of the laser causes overheating and leads to malfunction - the heat level is monitored from the central display. Fly Fighters are followed into the fray by the larger Zylon Destroyers. Here, the Liberty Star's laser automatically changes to the more powerful ion Cannon, with 500 points earned for each kill. The Command Ships in turn are worth 5,000 points. The third weapon is the Surface Star Burst (S58); this is a double missile, used to destroy Zylon ground installations.

Defensive shields are also carried, with their status indicated by switching to the Weapons Systems Mode on the Tactical Scanner.

Damaged shields are repaired at one of three friendly space stations. Whilst there, the ship's energy levels are replenished, and any used SSB's replaced.

Switching to the star chart gives the position of planets, space stations, Zylon squadrons, the liberty Star, and displays warp trajectories plotted to distant objectives.

When in enemy territory, land bases are picked off with a combination of the Tactical Scanner and SS8's. A status report is given on each planet before and after each attack.


'It wouldn't be much of a compliment if I said that Star Raiders II is just as good as its predecessor - because I didn't like the original very much! This shoot 'em up is reminiscent of the excellent Code Name Mat, but not as much fun to play. The only enjoyment to be had is in blasting anything that moves.' GARETH

'Why ELECTRIC DREAMS ever bought this is a complete mystery to me, it's one of the most boring games that I've ever seen. I can see how all the blasting appealed in the days of other ATARI classics such as Space Invaders and Planetoids, but nowadays people want a bit more than pointless pixel-pulping. The planet graphics are flickery and little imagination has been used in the deep space section - the explosions are nice, but that's about it.' PAUL

Control Keys: Cursor
Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, Interface 2
Use of colour varied and bright
Graphics: effective explosions and smooth scrolling
Sound: irritating white noise
Skill levels: one
General Rating: A dated arcade conversion of the 'left, right and fire' variety.


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In search of Teris - the wicked Zylons are at it again.