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R&R Software Ltd
Jon Nixon
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
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ANOTHER version of Star Trek would have seemed more like a threat than a promise before R and R Software produced its new version of the game for the 48K Spectrum. The company made a great impression with its Spectrum Golf, which has good graphics. This version of Star Trek also has good graphics and transforms the game from a mainframe mediocrity into another great success.

As with Spectrum Golf, the Star Trek game is one of skill. It is more complex than most other versions which have so far been produced.

The computer builds a scenario of Klingons, star bases and stars. It then asks if the player agrees with the scenario. If not, the player can create one.

The star map occupies half the screen and the commands for manoeuvring and scanning are listed. The player can lock into the ship's computer to do navigational calculations, go into hyper-drive, or launch a galaxy-destroying smart bomb. To manoeuvre, operate shields, or fire phasers the player must lock into the control room.

The player can operate a colourful self-destruct sequence if things start to go wrong. That sequence is well-presented and players may blow themselves up deliberately just to watch it.

With the on-screen instructions, the game is easy to play and difficult to beat. It is available from R and R Software, 34 Bourton Road, Gloucester GL4 0LE and is well worth £4.95.

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