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Elfin Software Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


ADD-ON ELECTRONICS 3D Star Wars might even win a prize as the worst piece of software on the market. The least of the criticisms cover the instructions which are far too long and, perhaps for copyright reasons, give a different plot on the cassette insert and the game. For instance, on the cassette insert the hero is called Luke Clearthinker but in the game the hero has obviously changed his name by deed-poll to Luke Skywalker.

The real criticisms focus on the game. There are too many keys with which to control your ship and, if you try to remember where each one is, you could easily forget which button you have to press to fire your lasers. With a little experimentation we managed to find the key just before we were eventually destroyed with a score of zero.

The graphics are lifeless and produce one of the poorest versions of 3D we have seen. Because of the mess of graphics darting in all directions on the screen, which are supposed to be rebel ships, it is difficult to tell in which direction you are moving even if you have your finger on a particular movement key.

The screen looks more like a patchwork of coloured blobs than a spacescape. If you buy the game, may the force be with you. You will need it.

Memory: 48K
Price: £5