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Domark Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

"Use the force, Luke!" "Here they come!" "You mean the girl I've been trying to snog for the last two films is my sister?" - Yes, it's The Return Of The Jedi! Having done vector graphics to death with Star Wars and Empire, Atari plumped for a new diagonally-scrolling 3D routine that translates spookily well onto the Speccy. Although all three levels are of the advance-through-area-dodging-obstacles-and-shooting-Imperials type they're sufficiently different to repulse the dreadied snoozies. Best is the one where Leia escapes through the Endorian forests on a speeder bike, bashing the pursuing bikers into trees or leading them into fiendish traps. Next up (or down, if you see what I mean), follow Lando as he pilots the Millenium Falcon into the new Death Star, blows up its reactor then races the explosion to the exit! Last, and least, you're either Chewie in an AT-ST dodging rolling logs, or Lando (again) blasting through the Imperial Fleet. Presumably to emulate the cross-cutting action of the picture, the game flips you between the two (but before you can get the hang of either). Overall though, it's a nifty conversion - fast and (if not exactly furious) reasonably spirited. Warp Factor 9 (Oh, drat! That's Star Trek!)


Screenshot Text

Leia belts through the New Forest on a Kawasaki 750.