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Leigh Hugill
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: This curious melange of mystic, prehistoric and scatological imagery, varying from a pterodactyl's lair, vampire lemons and the occasional sewage processing installation is really just one more competent multi-screen platform game. Trotting from room to room and jumping are both accurately controlled. There's a well-defined geography and a huge assortment of life-depriving nasties. As usual, the purpose is, to collect objects and accrue an even higher position on the 'Hall Of Scum' chart.

It's entertaining to play, I suppose, but stunningly short on originality. You can almost imagine some programmer discovering a mixed bag of graphical leftovers discarded in his machine memory and deciding that it would be a pity to waste them. If lack of some consistent theme doesn't bother you very much, then by all means attempt to avoid that final plunge into the cess pit. 2/5 HIT

Dave: They just keep on coming, wave after wave of them, the Manic Miner clones. This should-have-been-a-budget-game from Bug-Byte was one of the first bite the dust. 2/5 MISS

Ross: Bug Byte are still trying to come up with another Mathew Smith type success but this Jet Set clone just isn't the answer. This won't even compete with Technician Ted 1.5/5 MISS