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Challenge Software
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Hutchinson
Chris Bourne

What a particularly stupid sport stock car racing is. I mean, you spend about six months getting a car ready to be raced and then five minutes smashing it into other cars, walls, bystanders and areas of outstanding natural beauty. In fact, I think that it should be banned forthwith. If not sooner!

Anyway, who's played the SuperSprint game on the covertape? Right, well you lot should have a pretty good idea what this budgie is all about. You see, 3D Stock Cars 2 is about racing around a series of circuits against three other cars. The only major differences between this game and SS are: a) you have to qualify before each race, b) the cars look like egg-boxes, c) you can design your own 'championship' and d) this game's crap.

The blurb on the tape inlay suggests that you can create your own championship. What this entails is choosing the order of the tracks and the number of laps you complete in each race. Not exactly gripping stuff! Nope I'm sorry 3D Stokc Cars 2 is awful; the control method's dodgy, the cars look more like space invaders, the game's extremely evocative of SS and it gets terribly boring after ten minutes. Hurumph!

I'm off down the shops, does anyone want anything?