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Rory Duff
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

It may seem like a computer nasty in the aftermath of the other great CRASH, but this program (from CCS, well-known for its strategy wargames as well as for educational software) should have a wide appeal in the age of privatisation and small investors.

The aim of the game is to maximise the value of your investments by buying and selling shares in up to six companies. There are three levels of difficulty; you can borrow money to the value of your assets in the easier two options, but if you are supremely confident you borrow only half the amount.

The computer can provide you with basic facts about a company, such as its share prices and stability record. And other information is designed to make you feel jittery - for example, a general election might be called.

At the end of five 'days', a statement is presented. Brokers' fees and capital gains tax have to come out of your earnings. The computer also gives you a rating based on your performance, and will comment on the tactics you've employed!

But if you do badly, remember it's only a game and you won't have to sell the Porsche.


Keyboard play: very responsive to the single-key commands
Graphics: four information graphs, limited colour
General Rating: an interesting insight into the volatile dealings of the stock market.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

Stockmarket from CCS: lose pounds without pain.