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Geoff Calder, RUB
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Worrall
Chris Bourne

It's enough to put you off your food! The hero in this new budget release by Bulldog is a big, fat, wobbly male sprite, attired only in his birthday suit. Thank goodness he's still got his socks on!

How he got to be in this state is all part of the plot. Carlin, for it is he, took a trip to the planet Zuggi to buy a new defence system for Earth. Well, after a round of talks with a top official, Carlin decided to take a rest at the fitness club. Unfortunately a gang of muggers pounced on him on his way, and not only nicked his top secrets, but also most of his clothes! Getting his gear back is tiding to be a bit tricky as the muggers scattered it around the shopping complex, and many of the establishments take offence when Carlin's naked form tries to get inside. On top of that, there's a food shortage on Zuggi, so if you spot any food, scoff it quick.

Collecting Carlin's (black label) togs is what the game is all about. Before you can enter certain buildings Carlin has to cover his embarrassment, but of course he has to find something first! Streaker is basically a Spellbound clone. It even includes it's own menu selection window which works well. Where it differs, and where it is original is in the use of the different opening times of some of the buildings. The game is played in 'real time', so shops or pubs are only open at certain times, which is where the tricky part of the game starts! Good, clear graphics, nice animation and the large playing area make the Streaker the best Bulldog since Feud. It's not easy, but bear with it for some naked entertainment.

Useful little Spellbound clone with nice animation plus a touch of originality in the plot. Excellent value.