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Players Software
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Chris Bourne

Amstrad, Spectrum: £1.99

Mickey Spatsburg, as well as having a stupid name, also has a death wish. After the infamous "Curl" - leader of the biggest gang in New York - threatens to mug everyone who crosses his East Side district, guess where Mickey decides to go?

Streets and roads of the Big Apple are displayed side-on, and Mickey makes his way from left to right across the flip-screen scenery. All manner of assailants appear and attempt to stop Mickey dead in his tracks, with everyone from acid house fruitcakes to gun-wielding grannies laying into our hero. Mickey hits back with bare fists and jumps over gunshots, but can also collect weapons en route.

A bulging bicep signals Mick's current strength, and as he gets hit, so the arm withers. Death sees Mickey explode (!) and reappear at the start of the level.

Hardly in the same league as Renegade, this one. Combat is too limited to be of any real interest and the zombie-like characters simply wander on, attack, and wander off again. An over-simplistic beat-em-up, and really not recommended.