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Melbourne House
Beam Software
Arcade: Gang beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Lee
Chris Bourne

He used to be an ornery peace-lovin' sort of fella 'til the grannies came to town.

Vicious bands of umbrella-wielding OAPs roamed the city streets, bringing fear and violence to once quiet suburbs. But it wasn't just the grannies who made our hero tremble in his undies. Gangs of grey-haired old men armed with pointed sticks and bowls mats had also embarked on a reign of terror.

In fact the streets were alive with the sound of fighting, and only one man could save the day (not to mention the week, month and year). So equipped with his trusty golden battle shorts, and very little else, our hero takes up the challenge. Street Hassle is another beat 'era up, but it's one with a difference - it's a big laff and no mistake. The assorted chunky characters who come to pulverise you into dust - worra weird lot they are! My fave is the chap who uses his extra-large turn as a (very effective) weapon. And there are banana-chucking gorillas, mad dogs and a phantom bomber with mystery effect bombs.

The game's only major letdown is the limited number of aggressive moves our hero can make, although to be fair, there are hidden moves on later levels. But apart from that I enjoyed it a lot. Okay, so for a full-price effort it may be a little on the thin side, but it's novel and fun to play, and you can't say that about many games today.

Beat 'em up with a lorra lorra laffs. Great animation of excellent characters (if norra lot else).