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Mirrorsoft Ltd
Rod Hyde
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Right, so we all know what a Harrier is. What you might not know though is that it's one of the fiddliest planes to actually fly. To get it to take off you've got to have the nozzle things pointing downwards, and then point them backwards to make it fly along. There are also all kinds of things inbetween, and all of them are faithfully incorporated into this aging sim. It's a proper looking-out-of-the-cockpit job, and features ground attack as well as aerial combat. These tend to be split into two sections - one below the clouds and one above. Graphically we're talking seriously ropey here. There's plenty to see, particularly on the ground, but everything is made up of very small sprites which never seem to get especially close (and hence stay very small). But the flying is generally well done, and all this 'thrust vectoring' business works quite well. There is, of course, a war to fight and it mainly seems to consist of destroying tanks. So it's okayish, but very old-look without much in the way of lasting interest.


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Too fast, eh? Right then, warp factor eight, Mr Sulu! (Ha!)