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Cult Games
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Will Evans
Chris Bourne

Cult's latest of many football simulations' has numerous features (none of them are new, however), such as load/save game, pick your nationality and change the 128 other team's names. An 'interlude' follows while the computer puts all that together. Financial information is provides too, which I found useless.

At last, into the main game menu, from which you can pick your team, coach 'em, train 'em, tell 'em how to play, buy/sell players (free transfer actually), view your opponent's record and gaze upon the division table. You can also view a marksman table and a list of offers but both curiously empty.

Once you have used all these features - a tedious process - you can look forward to an action-packed, nail-biting match.

Sadly not. The 'match' consists of messages flashing onto the screen: 'your team attacking', 'your team defending' and 'your team midfield' and identical messages for the other side. Every so often it says 'The other team are shooting' and you get to see a tiny little sprite kick a football at your goal.

If you're (very) lucky you might get to shoot, using the 'S' key to kick the ball when the little angle meter looks good. Other than these penalty-type shooting scenes you can't see the game in progress and have no control over it. This hardly makes the game interesting.

On the whole, a tedious game lacking anything to keep you playing beyond your first go.

WILL … 25%



Screenshot Text

Decisions, decisions, ho hum!

Has the goalie laid an egg or has someone scored? Hurrah it's a goal.