David Gordon
ZX Spectrum 48K

Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier, Alan Hunter
Chris Bourne

Radio Luxembourg DJ, Stuart Henry, has set over 750 questions to test your knowledge of pop. The questions range from the dim and distant past to the present - so it's suitable for anyone from the oldest swinger to the youngest teenybopper. There's also a mystery tune to be identified.

Alex: It sounds like a pretty drab sort of program, but Bellflower has actually come up with something that can be described as good family entertainment, and not a space invader in sight - other than Boy George! The idea's very good, and there are only one or two minor problems. The first one is that the questions can't be updated and, second your answer needs to be spelled correctly otherwise you get it wrong. HIT

Alan H: As you answer the questions correctly, you're given the chance to guess another note in the mystery tune (which is played at the start of a game, once only). If you guess correctly the note's displayed on the musical score, halfway down the screen. Guess them all, and the mystery's solved. The best thing about this game is that it has nothing to do with aliens, ghosts or tanks. HIT

Alan G: What a good idea to have a computerised pop/rock quiz for a wide range. It's appeal is only limited to contemporary music fans, which should mean that most people could get enjoyment from it. The sound is a problem and makes guessing the mystery tune difficult. MISS