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Micro Style
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

It's the future (well it isn't really, but let ' s pretend - let 's pretend, can you play at... ahem) and a new breed of motor sport is very popular. Stunt car racing takes you to a massive, roller coaster-style track only the certifiably insane (or CRASH reviewers) would attempt. And three guesses who one of the drivers is (you mad, impetuous fool, you!)?

But first comes the prerequisite options screen. Choose single or multi-player and whether to practice or enter the race proper (first-time players are advised to practice). The ultimate aim of the game is simple: to rise through the ranks from the bottom of the fourth division to the top of the first.

There are two tracks in each division. In four there's Hump Back and Little Ramp, three has Big Ramp and Stepping Stones, Roller Coaster and High Jump in two and the first division features Draw Bridge and Ski Yoghurt. Err, Jump.

However many human players there are, each race is against a computer-controlled car. You're presented with a driver's eye view of the course so the track and huge V8 engine that powers the vehicle are visible.

To move up the drivers' chart you have to win as many races as possible, so toe the gas pedal and drive like a bat out of hell (and be gone when the morning comes... or something like that). The car's capable of a skull-mangling 300mph, but driving like a lunatic damages the car - as does pranging it into the ground at warp speeds (surprised?).

I loved Stunt Car Racer when we reviewed it back in Issue 72, and it's just as good today. There's a real feeling of movement but the background's sparse - though one doubts you'd see a lot at these speeds anyway.

Stick a large saucepan on yer bonce and buy Stunt Car Racer today! (Try in vain to get the bloomin' thing off your head and go to the casualty department tomorrow!)

MARK ... 84%