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Players Premier
Arcade: Gang beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

Surprisingly this is a game set in the London Underground which seems to have turned into the sight for World War III -well, nearly. Gangs of dealers, pushers, punks, muggers and striking train drivers light in each station. Being the Subway Vigilante it is your job to stop them and protect the law-abiding citizens of London Town.

Well that's what the inlay says and roughly translated it means you've got to kick everything you see. Subway Vigilante lacks the usual Players presentation, with just a simple title screen before plunging into the game. Sound is made up of a mediocre tune at the beginning and a few special effects. You can choose between a monochrome or colour subway, the only difference being the top half of the play area.

When you come to play the game you will be put off straight away by the difficulty. Muggers come from both directions at the same time, and as you move so slowly it is impossible to spin around to kill them all. Only get this if you are a real fan of the beat-'em-up... You'll need lots of patience too!