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Longman Software
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Obviously, educational software aimed at the 6 plus age group has to provide a fair amount of entertainment, but this game fails to provide much entertainment or education. This time, the arcade routine features a serpent-patrolled maze in which Microbug is trapped. There are thirty five gates with numbers on them, and the idea is that when the problem at the bottom of the screen is solved, the player moves Microbug, using the four cursor keys. to a position directly below the gate displaying the correct answer There are six levels of difficulty to choose from, ranging from easy addition and subtraction (though this 'easy' option includes sums like 59 plus 4 and 47 plus 7) to difficult division as in 56 divided by 7.

A major flaw in the game is that the numbers displayed on the gates are all two digits so 5 is represented as 05 and Microbug has to be positioned extremely carefully, directly below and between the two digits, before the number is accepted. This game provides nothing more than mechanical, repetitive exercises and children are unlikely to want to play it again and again.

Educational Aim: number skills

Age Range: 6 and over

Control Keys: cursor keys only

Use of Colour: bright and clear

Graphics: reasonably good


Not Rated